Fire in the Forest | Trailer

Autor: Instituto Socioambiental - ISA

Filmed in virtual reality, this short length documentary portrays the Waurá people, an indigenous ethnic group made up of 560 individuals who live in the Xingu Indigenous Reserve, in the Brazilian state of Mato Grosso. The film shows daily life in the village of Piyulaga and how the indians preserve their traditional culture – while also incorporating habits and technology from white man. The story raises awareness about the out-of-control fires resulting from deforestation around the reserve. Besides their impact in climate change, these fires threaten the forest and life as a whole in the Xingu Reserve.

Director: Tadeu Jungle
Producers: André Villas Boas, Bruno Weis, Paulo Junqueira e Tadeu Jungle
Original screenplay: Bruno Weis
Executive producer: Duda Marujo
Line producers: Clara Guimarães and Dante Hideki
On-site producer: Paulo Junqueira
Cinematography and editing: Fred Mauro
Additional cinematography: Raul Cariello
Sound mixer: Marcio Farah
Research and assistant director: Cristiane Gathaz
Original score: Waurá Indigenous People
Score and sound mixing: JUKE!
Color and effects: Pedro Gebara
Finaling: Equipe Academia de Filmes
English narration: Ana Paula Aquino
Dubbing Actor: Felipe Montanari
PR: Bruno Weis
Poster: Marcelo Pallotta
Instituto Socioambiental (ISA), 2017, Brasil.
Site: www.socioambiental.org
Very special thanks to the Waurá people. 2016/2017, Brazil.